Sunday, June 10, 2012

Infant Circumcision & the Dreaded conversation w the Adult He Becomes

Son: Mum/Dad, why did you have me circumcised?

Mum/Dad: Well son, it was so you'd be protected from HIV!

Son: Does that mean I dont ever have to wear a condom?

Mum/Dad: No you still have to wear a condom!

Son: But Mum and dad, I just want to marry my girlfriend, neither of us is HIV infected, and we want to committ to a life of monogamy!!

Mum/Dad: .......But, we heard in the media that circumcision prevented HIV infections.

Son: But Mum/Dad, Circumcised men all over the world get infected with HIV and die from AIDS,  So what was the point of circumcision?

Mum/Dad: Well we wanted you to look like your father!

Son: But I dont look anything like Dad, and I just wanted to look like me?

Mum/Dad:  WEll, our Doctor recommended it!

Son: But I've researched it intensly and no medical organisation in the world recommends infant circumcision, what sort of a Doctor was he?

Mum/Dad: Its just better!!!!!!!

Son: But research has found the foreskin has 20,000 pleasure nerves, has anatomical structures, like the frenar band, the frenulum, and meisner corpuscles, and the foreskin both lubricates, and has a rolling mechanism which fascilitates masturbation, and sexual intercourse, and many women prefer being with intact men!

Mum/Dad: "Oh Son you've just turned into a foreskin fetishist, and we're not talking about this anymore!!"  or  " Son we are so sorry we took that away from you, i geuss we put our own interests first ahead of yours, and we deluded ourselves that we were doing best for you, because we wanted to believe what our culture and our doctors did was right and good, Please can you find it in your heart to forgive us and dont make the same mistake we did"

The converstaion will give you an opportunity to be defensive & dismissive, versus empathic and understanding, which way will it go for you, or better still if you have not circumcised a son or undecided, how about leaving it up to him?

The Conversation you have will further affect him emotionally! What will the SON be feeling at this stage? Rage? Violation? Dismissed? Cheated? Sadness? Forgiveness?  And remember if you dont have him circumcised you never have to have this discussion!!!!!


  1. this is why I have apologized to my dear son multiple times and have his promise that he will not continue the abuse with his sons. Now that I know better, I can do better!

    1. I have too, and he isn't upset over it. He says he doesn't know what he's missing, and it's not like I meant to hurt him. He also thinks it's a parent's choice. :( I hope he rethinks that part.

  2. Im so grateful I saved my son from circumcision, the above conversation would be heartbreaking to have with an adult son. :(

  3. Of course circumcision is "against human man nature", why animals have a normal life without It?

  4. I love this post. People *really* need to consider how the future-man will feel when he discovers a significant part of his penis is missing and that it happened for no valid reason. There will be no hiding from this.

  5. I had to have this talk with my mom, and finally got a heartfelt apology out of her. I think she really understood how wrong it was once I explained the process of circumcision and the function of the foreskin.
    She was extremely disgusted to find out about how foreskins are sold as well and circumcision is a for-profit industry.

    Hopefully she will choose to share this info because we live in a community that is dominated by circumcision.