Friday, June 15, 2012

Penile Cancer & Fear Tactics by Pro-Circumcision Propaganda

Penile cancer is a rare disease which occurs in elderly men.  It is the rarest of male cancers, occurring approximately in 1 in 100,000 men,  A man is more likely to get breast cancer than he is to get penile cancer, and the greatest risk factor for it is wait for it...... smoking tobacco!!  Even circumcised men get penile cancer and the most common site on the circumcised penis is the circumcision scar.  Your son could choose circumcision for himself as an adult, if he wanted it.

Yet the incessant, misleading and unethical propaganda is cleverly framed in such a way by the Pro-Circumcision advocates that it would leave you to believe that "your precious baby" is at risk of penile cancer, if you dont have him circumcised as a baby!  The truth is, Your Precious baby has a much greater chance of being wounded or experience a complication from circumcision (with average complications of infant circumcision  being from 2 in 100 (and some say up to 10 in 100) than he would ever get penile cancer as an elderly man (1 in 100,000).  Your precious baby will also be 100% deprived of a functional pleasure giving sex organ in the foreskin.

Here is the Cancer Council of Australia's response to recent propaganda about circumcsision and cancer rates in Australia:

 "Given the lack of evidence to support circumcision as a cancer control measure in Australia, in the Cancer Council Australia’s view it is inappropriate to complicate the debate on circumcision by suggesting the procedure could contribute to reduced cancer burden in Australia."

Help Bust the Penile Cancer myth


  1. Fact: According to the American Cancer Society, one in six men will get prostate cancer.

    Also a fact: 80% of US men are circumcised.

    Whether or not a man is circumcised, he has an even higher chance of getting prostate cancer than he is getting penile cancer.

    Using pro-circ logic, it would me many times more justified to extract a child's prostate as a child.

    After all, if it's done that young, he won't remember the trauma of having it done as an adult, right?

    Rubbish and poppycock.

  2. The one in 100,000 figure is per year. The lifetime risk - even Professor Brian Morris admits - is about one in 1000. So even if circumcision were 100% preventative (and it isn't) you'd have to circumcise 1000 babies to prevent one old man who neglected his hygiene from getting penile cancer. The complication rate is much greater than 1/1000, so a circumcision is much more likely to give him a problem than prevent a cancer. See more here.