Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Mothers of Intact Sons Beware of Pro-Circumcision American Doctors

It appears that nearly 50% of American Parents are now leaving their infant sons intact by refusiing circumcision.

But beware of American Doctors who favor circumcision because of either their ignorance of normal male genitalia or their bias in favour of circumcision, may lead to your son being harmed.  So just because you got him out of the hospital intact, doesnt mean he'll get through childhood intact in America!!!!!!

Facts about American Dr's:
  1. Many American Dr's do not believe the foreskin has any function, they place no value on it.
  2. They profit from circumcision.
  3. Hospitals profit from circumcision.
  4. USA dr's are most probably circumcised themselves if male, or have performed many circumcisions, had sex with only circumcised men,  or had their own sons circumcised if female.
  5. At clinic visits Many Dr's ignorantly retract the foreskin of young infants causing tears and harm, leading to infections, and a subsequent recommendations for circumcision.
  6. They see circumcision as an answer to a medical problem, when a more conservative treatment like anti-biotics or medical creams will adequately treat.
  7. They have unrealistic expectations about the development and retectibility of foreskins.
  8. In medical school they are not taught about the development, value and function of the foreskin.
  9. International physicians from Europe, Canada and Australia, have denounced the pro=circumcision policy of the American Academy of Pediatrics as a "culturally biased and unscientific document".
If you want to protect your son, Find out who are the foreskin friendly doctors in your area and boycott procirc dr's.