Monday, March 5, 2018

Read all the research on STI infections not just pro-circumcision literature

When you look at circumcision research conducted by pro-circumcision cultures you hear that it prevents STI's.  However, when you look at epidemiological data on Sexually Transmitted Infections you find infant circumcision has failed the USA when compared to Non-Circumcision nations of Europe.  The USA has 1200% higher HIV infections than No-Circ Finland (in Press) has 500% higher HIV infections than No-Circ Germany & 300% higher HIV infections than no-circ Holland.  .  The USA has 2.7 times the Syphillus infections than than no-circ Holland. .  The USA has 33 times the Gonnoreah infections than than no-circ Holland.  .  The USA has 19 times the Chlamydia infections than No-Circ  Holland.  Infant Circumcision has failed the USA on the health measure of STI Infection rates.
 (Advocates for Youth data)