Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Myths Like circumcision is best done as a baby bec he wont remember the pain do my head in

The myth about "if circumcision is done as a baby he wont remember it" do my head in.  Firstly he may not have verbal memory ( A memory he can speak about) but he will certainly have sensory and pain memory as Taddio's pain and immunization studies found.  Taddio et al found circumcised babies have a much greater pain response at 6 month immunizations.   Secondly, if a therapeutic circumcision is required in childhood or adolescence, yes he'll feel pain but his brain will be developed enough for him to talk about it and understand it, which will both help to soothe the pain and manage it by asking for pain medication,  as well as intergrate it neurally because he will understand what the pain is all about.  Myths and Ignorance do my head in!!!!!!!!!