Thursday, May 21, 2015

Binga Men Refuse Circumcision and have lowest HIV rate but listen to Officials (A Critique)

This is a report from but listen to the way Officials interpret the obvious that condoms, behaviour and education is more effective than circumcision:  My comments in bold italics

BINGA men are resisting voluntary male circumcision with no one having been circumcised between January and March, according to statistics provided by the National Aids Council (NAC).
This was revealed on Monday during a Matabeleland North NAC provincial stakeholders’ meeting in Bulawayo.
According to NAC statistics, while no one was circumcised in Binga between January and March, Bubi, Hwange, Tsholotsho, Umguza, Lupane and Nkayi recorded a combined total of 2 359 operations.
Lupane and Nkayi districts had the highest number of volunteers with 1 131 and 535 cases respectively.
NAC Matabeleland North monitoring and evaluation officer Mthokozisi Moyo attributed the resistance in Binga to entrenched cultural beliefs which were against circumcision.
“There is need to strategise ways to teach and persuade people in the district to embrace this exercise lest we compromise other efforts to prevent the spread of HIV,” Moyo said.  Listen to the insistence that these men choose circumcision even though the statistics show with condoms, behaviour and education these men have lower hiv infections.
Male circumcision is reputed to reduce female-to-male sexual transmission of HIV by 60%.
Despite shunning male circumcision, Binga recorded a high uptake of male condoms and a huge response to other programmes to curb the HIV pandemic. The area recorded the lowest seropositivity rates in the province.  Now why isn't this highlight, as more effective than circumcision and probably the answer?  What they are not saying is that This shows that circumcised men are getting higher infection rates than men who use condoms!!!!!!
Seropositivity is the state of having blood serum that tests positive for a given pathogen, especially HIV.
Binga recorded the lowest seropositivity rate in pregnant women of 3,3% while Bubi, Lupane, Nkayi, Umguza, Hwange and Tsholotsho recorded rates of 7,8%, 8,4%, 9%, 11% and 13 %, respectively.
The provincial rate dropped from 12% in the fourth quarter 2014 to 8% in the first quarter 2015.
However, Moyo indicated figures could be skewed owing to incomplete reports received from health facilities.  So women in these tribes have lower HIV because their men are choosing condoms, why isn't this highlighted?
Binga had low sexually transmitted infections (STI) in Matabeleland North at 9% after Lupane which accounted for 8% of STI cases in Matabeleland North.   More evidence condoms better than circumcision in reducing STI's.
Hwange recorded the highest STI cases accounting for 37% of all cases in the province.
“In male condom distribution, Binga district accounted for 37% of male condoms distributed followed by Hwange (18%) while Umguza had the least (2%),” Moyo said.
“Hwange had the highest number of sexual abuse cases (36%), followed by Tsholotsho (29%) and the least reported cases were recorded in Lupane (1%), Umguza (0%) and Binga (3%).”  Here we have direct evidence that higher condom distribution is directly correlated to lower HIV, STI's and SExual Abuse.
Although Binga recorded positive figures in the province, stakeholders underlined the need to consolidate the gains.  Again ignoring the fact circumcision wasn't required to achieve positive outcomes, but they continue to want to promote circumcision because that is their mindset, they've bought into the propaganda.
Speaking on the sidelines of the meeting, NAC Matabeleland North co-ordinator Dingaan Dube warned that if voluntary male circumcision was not taken up, the risk of new HIV infections would rise in the long run. Totally ignoring and contradicting the facts, that men who refuse circumcision and use condoms end up with better sexual health, lower HIV and STI's.
“We are concerned. Response figures are high from testing and counselling centres and Binga has a lot of people coming forward,” Dube said.   They're concerned?  Concerned that men who use condoms have lower HIV than men who choose circumcision!  Shows the mindset, blind to the facts.
“But the many people in the fishing camps are from different areas and this could worsen the HIV situation in the district.” Totally illogical and opposite to the facts, and obsessed with circumcision.

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Near death incident from neonatal circumcision using plastibell

Very interesting how this adverse circumcision event in America is buried in a Korean Journal, tells you a lot about American Medicine and its attitude toward circumcision

2015 Apr;58(4):154-7. doi: 10.3345/kjp.2015.58.4.154. Epub 2015 Apr 22.

Urosepsis and postrenal acute renal failure in a neonate following circumcision with Plastibell device.

Author information

  • 1Department of Pediatric Critical Care Medicine, Children's Hospital of New Jersey at Newark Beth Israel Medical Center, Newark, NJ, USA.


Plastibell is one of the three most common devices used for neonatal circumcision in the United States, with a complication rate as low as 1.8%. The Plastibell circumcision device is commonly used under local anesthesia for religious circumcision in male neonates, because of cosmetic reasons and ease of use. Occasionally, instead of falling off, the device may get buried under the skin along the shaft of the penis, thereby obstructing the normal flow of urine. Furthermore, the foreskin of neonates is highly vascularized, and hence, hemorrhage and infection are possible when the skin is cut. Necrosis of penile skin, followed by urethral obstruction and renal failure, is a serious surgical mishap requiring immediate corrective surgery and medical attention. We report a case of fulminant urosepsis, acute renal failure, and pyelonephritis in a 4-day-old male neonate secondary to impaction of a Plastibell circumcision device. Immediate medical management was initiated with fluid resuscitation and mechanical ventilation; thereby correcting life threatening complications. Pediatricians and Emergency Department physicians should be cognizant of the complications from Plastibell circumcision device in order to institute appropriate and timely management in neonates.

Sunday, May 3, 2015

My Jewish Wife refused circumcision for her 3 sons

My wife is of Jewish ancestry, she is a descendent of Polish Jews of whom most were murdered by the Nazi's in the World War 2 Holocaust.  It is a very sad and painful fact about her family history & Jewish origins. 

Her Mother a jew of 2 jewish parents told her that when she was expecting her first child that circumcision was not required and that it was too painful for the baby.  Her Aunty tried to persuade her to continue the jewish tradition of circumcision.

My wife, did not like the idea of someone taking a knife to her new baby, and the 1970's in Australia was a time the whole nation was turning against circumcision.  She decided that she would not circumcise any of her babies.

My wife now has 3 sons none of whom were circumcised.  All are now men, and grateful for their foreskins, and glad they weren't circumcised.  None have had their own son;s circumcised.

My Jewish wife has 3 intact sons, and 6 intact grandsons.

It is an injurious insult to claim my wife is anti-Semitic