Saturday, January 21, 2012

How women are harmed by male circumcision

Firstly women are harmed as mothers.  The cultural pressures to circumcise their newborn infants mean mothers have to deny or switch off their maternal instinct to protect their baby from any such harm. It interferes with attachment and breastfeeding.  This is a psychological and attachment wounding, and many mothers have deep regret about circumcising their infants!

Secondly, women are harmed sexually, when they have sex with a circumcised man, they are denied the cushioning effect of the foreskin, women report greater levels of inability or difficulty with orgasm with circumcised men, and many complain of harsh, chaffing sex with circumcised men.  There are at least 3 scientific research studies that now support this:

Women are also harmed by increased risk of HIV infection with a circumcsed man .  Circumcised men with HIV infect their female partners at 50%+ higher rates than intact men

I have also been advised by feminists that women feel very disempowered in the whole infant circumcision process.  They are disempowered by medical staff who pressure mothers to circumcise, they are disempowered by the hospital system.  They are also disempowered by the unequal power relations of a mother who is vulnerable after just giving birth, to be influenced by powerful medical staff with personal and commercial agendas over circumcision.

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Saturday, January 14, 2012

When a baby dies from circumcision you find out the truth that circumcision is valued more than a baby's life

The most disturbing aspect of a child dying from circumcision other than the unnecessary tragic loss of life is the efforts to protect circumcision. This post documents some recent deaths (listed below) ( though I have stopped this recently as I find it too distressing) and also to highlight the lengths people will go to protect circumcision, even when its caused the death of a child?  So beware in a circumcision culture, circumcision is considered more valuable and important than your baby's life! Your baby is expendable to the tribe, circumcision is more important to the tribe than your baby, at least understand this.

The pattern of behaviour you find when a baby or child dies from circumcision, is that often the circumcision is not blamed, but the incompetent circumciser, a deficiency in the baby, or the parents are usually blamed!  The parents often so hurt, in shock and confused, dont know what to do or say. Please dont blame the parents in this time of grief........

03/06/18 In this case the Doctor blames the parents, whereas the parents are claiming medical negligence.

03/10/17 Another neonate death from circumcision this time pre-existing conditioned blamed

16/09/17  Another death reported

28/08/17 Another baby dies from circumcision reported in Facebook today, I cant even stand reading about it.

18/01/17 Another boy dies from circumcision , in this case the police are called in, and state it is difficult to investigate because circumcision communities don't co-operate. Another example of how circumcision and the circumciser are protected even though a babies life has been taken.

25/10/15 Another needless death as baby dies from circumcision

09/08/15 Baby's penis is severed and not the slightest condemnation of circumcision

14/12/14 Another death from circumcision reported interesting how some either avoiding blaming circ or protecting circ

04/06/14 Another baby dies and they're blaming the competence of the Dr here:

23/05/14 Circumcised Baby in Denmark goes into Coma, circumcision is defend by total silence.

10/09/13 5yo   Boys genitals amputated because of circumcision

16/08/13  Another death of a child from circumcision.

**Update 23/06/13 Just revealed in 2013 the death of another baby in 2008:

A baby critical, near death had stopped breathing following another circumcision:  Just reported this baby has died, and the mother blamed for breastfeeding him after the circumcision. Read the article and no issue with circumcision they say = "Doctors began investigating what might have caused the incident, including excessive blood loss, a congenital disease, or infection", so sad that circumcision and its defence appears more important than human life.

Unfortuntely & Sadly, Yet another death of a baby bleeding to death following circumcision. 09/03/13: Condolences to the Family. It is not the families fault but that of the medical profession for performing unnecessary surgery on a baby. This baby would still be alive had not the medical community (AAP) condoned the practice of routine circumcision and minimize the risks and harms.  The reports coming out of the hospital now stating the baby had haemophilia, denoting that is the reason the baby died, and absolving the doctors and circumcision AGAIN!!!

Another report emerged 26/11/12 of a baby bleeding to death from circumcision.  In this case it is the circumciser who is blamed for incompetence and negligence.  Again the circumcision itself is spared any blame.

Again a baby bleeds to death from circumcision, and yes the blame is partly apportioned to the mother for removing the bandage too early and yet again circumcision is not identified as the cause of death, Coroner claiming cause of death accidental?  Shows you how circumcision is valued more than human life

Another death from circumcision occurred May 2012 in Oslo Norway, and in the report they stated that these cases are so difficult to investigate because Parents usually defend the circumcisers? Can you believe that?

In the most recent report 18 June 2012, a baby fractured it skull during a religious circumcision and again the circumcisers are protected??????

And what do we find from the ProCutters of Twitter doing? More and More promotion of infant circumcision, they obviously value circumcision more than human life.

In Sept 2011 the media reported another baby died from circumcision, this time resulting from the complications of contracting herpes from a Rabbi who was infected with herpes who sucked the baby's penis following a circumcision!! Its hard to believe isnt it???? Making me Vomit, they;re blaming the jewish mother now, for not caring for the baby properly??  Even harder to believe is the lack of outrage at the death, and the defense of the Mohel & circumcision,???  More astonsihing is that people are still defending circumcision, they just value circumcision more than a human life????????? The Twitter procircs tried to distance themselves by claiming it wasnt circumcisions fault it was the archaic and rare jewish religious practice that was to blame, not their special type of circumcision (which also claims lives)

For me, when a baby dies from circumcision i feel great sorrow.  I think this is a preventable death, and why does this still happen.  I also feel outrage that in the 21st century babies still die needlessly, and are sacrificed for tradition. I'm outraged with medicine also. How can an ethical medical practitioner perform this risky surgery on a pefectly healthy infant.  I begin to feel a sense of anger towards the medical profession, and those that constantly promote the practice.  It motivates me to educate, and to try and end this primitive tribal practice, and hope that my efforts spare at least a few babies from the risk of harm.

For the pro-circumcision crowd, what you'll notice is the first thing they do when a baby dies from circumcision is to defend the practice of circumcision!!  Or they'll be deafly silent wanting all to fade away from peoples memory so they can go on promoting.  Or they get into the blame game. They blame the parents for not being vigilant enough, they blame the medical staff for negligence, they make up stuff like the baby just died spontaneously fron sudden infant death syndrome, NOW they're even blaming BREASTFEEDING the thing they wont blame though is the practice of circumcision, because their actions demonstrate that the practice of circumcision is worth more than a human life!!  This truly sickens me!!!!!!

What more can anyone say???????

Monday, January 9, 2012

The Defence of Circumcision is not a good look

When you hear people defending circumcision, the look is not good.  When doctors defend circumcision they appear to be unethical, medically and scientifically illiterate, and protecting self-interest.  It brings shame to the medical profession.  When parents defend circumcision, they can appear as if their own interests and preferences for male genitalia are more important than what nature intended and evolved over a million years, and or what their son may want choose for himself.  This is just so shameful, it is primitive and disrespectful to the individual the circumcision impacts. The list goes on and on.............. its not a good look