Thursday, November 19, 2015

Busting Circumcision Culture Myths about Sexual Desirability and Performance

Circumcision cultures develop myths and taboos, and indoctrinate their people to believe that sexual desirability is enhanced by genital cutting.  Enhanced Sexual performance and the ability to be desirable to sex partners are 2 of the circumcision myths that are used in these cultures to persuade mothers and fathers to let their new born babies be circumcised or their girls to have FGM.  Taboos such as sex is better for the man and his partner if circumcised, Your baby boy wont be a desirable sex partner if he;s not circumcised, your daughter won't get married if she's not circumcised.

When you look at the measured statistical facts, you find that men from Intact Cultures are rated the best and most desirable lovers, and American men among the least desirable and worst lovers ("too rough" to describe Americans men undesirability).

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Spanish Men Are the World’s Best Lovers 

Have you ever wondered if French men really are better lovers?  Or maybe it’s the Latin man who floats your boat?  Well, a recent survey conducted by quizzed a group of “well-traveled” ladies to rate men according to location, giving reasons for their preferences or dislikes for each region.
How did Americans rate? Not so great. They are #5 on the Worst list.
Canadian men did a bit better, they showed up as #10 on the Best list.
Where do the best lovers reside?  Spain.
The Daily Mail Online gives the results for the Worst list, including the reason the locals there are lacking…

World’s Worst Lovers
1. Germany – too smelly
2. England – too lazy
3. Sweden – too quick
4. Holland – too dominating
5. America – too rough
6. Greece  – too lovey-dovey
7. Wales – too selfish
8. Scotland – too loud
9. Turkey – too sweaty
10.Russia – too hairy
I don’t know how scientific this poll is. Do you think American men are too rough? It probably depends on the man.
Here’s the good list….
World’s Best Lovers
1. Spain
2. Brazil
3. Italy
4. France
5. Ireland
6. South Africa
7. Australia
8. New Zealand
9. Denmark
This survey leaves me with many questions. How many women were polled?  How many “hook-ups” were used to determine a result?  And why do the English newspapers have so many more interesting stories than the Americans?

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