Monday, September 30, 2013

ProCirc Spin on Rise in HIV infections following massive Circumcision Campaigns

Its amazing but enlightening when you hear the ProCirc Spin being rolled out about the Rise in HIV infections in Africa that have occurred following massive Circumcision Campaigns.  Reports in media in the last week have shown that intact men who were previously HIV free prior to their circumcision, are now found to have been infected with HIV following their circumcision.  I mean that is tragic.  But this is where the spin begins, now we hear the procirc's stating that circumcison has stabilised hiv infections.  A statistical rise in hiv infections is being labelled as stabilisation, is that spin or what?  It is very much spin when you consider the hyped up claims that were being made before the massive circumcision campaigns " that circumcision would dramatically lower/reduce hiv infections in Africa!!", but instead they are now rising!!  Just shows you the level of denial and investment in circumcision, its scary, that rational medical scientists become scientifically illiterate when they are invested in circumcision.  Dont buy the spin, and share the info that circ has failed to lower hiv infections, with the exact opposite happening, they are rising.

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