Monday, February 7, 2011

The Circumcision Lies 1 The Foreskin

In order to continue & promote infant circumcison The Circumcision Promoters must lie about the normal human anatomy.  One prominent lie is about the function of the foreskin.  Circumcisers say the foreskin is obsolete and has no function, but this is a Blatant LIE. The foreskin has over 20,000 pleasure nerves and anatomical structures like the frenar band, the ridged band and frenulum which give enormous pleasure to males.  The gliding mechanism of the foreskin interacts with the glans to provide contrasting and cascading pleasure in masturbation and sexual intercourse.  Many females have reported gentler more enjoyable sex with an intact man.  Circumcised men who have undergone foreskin restoration report improved sex, and their wives also report more enjoyable sex. Most medical organisations in the world recognise the Foreskin as Functional human anatomy.  Please dont believe the lies of the circumcisers that the foreskin has no function, its just their strategy for justifying & perpetuating circumcision.

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