Monday, February 7, 2011

The Lies of Circumcision 2

The Lies of  Circumcision 2

The Circumcisers will often lie about pain response, either denying it or minimizing it = "that Infants feel no pain during circumcision, & they often fall asleep while they are being circumcised", some concede "pain is present but it is minimal and there is no pain memory".  Studies that have researched pain during circumcision have found babies feel excrutiating pain, one study was stopped when the degree of pain was recognised.  Studies have found even when using dorsal nerve block, circumcised babies have increased levels of blood cortisol, indicating stress and pain from the procedure.  One study found babies circumcised as infants had much greater pain response at 6 month vaccinations when compared to non-circumcised babies, indicating long term memory effects at a pain & sensory level, and some have argued this is evidence of trauma.

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