Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Male Anger at Infant Circumcision 1

Many men circumcised as infants are angry, ....... very very angry about it!!!!!!!!!  They were never given a voice and never given a choice,................... their human rights about making decisions over their own bodies were violated and they are very angry about that too!!!!!!!!!    Men are also very angry because they were robbed........ Robbed of 20,000 pleasure nerves and anatomical structures that facilitated their sexual enjoyment, robbed of sensual pleasure experiences that nature had provided for them, and they are extremely angry about that!!!!!!!!  Men are also angry because they are beginning to learn that females actually find intact sex very pleasurable, and angry they cant be intact for their women, or partners, & extremely angry about this!!!!!!  There is evidence that circumcision is both extremely painful and very traumatic, and therefore many men have this unexplained sensory feeling that maybe they too were were traumatised by their infant circumcision, and this feeling fuels their anger!!!!!!!!!  Some men now even go through the process of trying to restore their foreskins, as a way of dealing with their infant circumcision anger, and some deal with their anger by involvement in the intactivist movement which advocates to prevent infant circumcisions.

Those who condescendingly say men should be greatful they were circumcised as infants, deny the suffering and psychological distress of these men.  Imagine saying to a woman afflicted by FGM, that she should be grateful she was circumcised??????? Cause a rage reaction in you, at just the thought of that?  Why is male pain and distress different?  Many men are also extremely angry at those propagandists that try and promote infant circumcision and some men use their energies and anger to fight these Pro-Circ propagandists!!  Men have a right to be angry about their infant circumcision.  If you are angry about your infant circumcision I invite you to express that here!!!!!!!


  1. I am very angry about the barbaric assault that I suffered as a defenseless infant. I have the good fortune of knowing that my parents were deceived by their doctors and had no access to good information. Were that not the case, I don't believe my relationship with them would have survived.

    As it stands, I have forgiven them and channel my anger into trying to advocate on behalf of the million baby boys who go under the knife each year. If I can be the voice to their parents that was absent for my own, it will give the anger somewhere productive to go.

    I invite anyone who cares about decency, human rights and sexual health to join us in this effort.

  2. Kirk, You have every right to be angry, and using that anger energy to try and prevent harm to infants is a great way of dealing with it.

  3. Anyone that sexually mutilates infants for any reason at all deserves to be tortured without mercy for hours on end, maybe even for weeks at a time, then to finally be killed off like the vermin that they are !!!