Saturday, February 12, 2011

Circumcision Pain is not a Joke

The pain suffered by infants during circumcision is not a joke "Its just a little snip, he wont feel a thing" "He cried more at his first haircut than his circumcision" "He'll sleep right through it", these are not only false statements but they are an insult to the suffering of infants.

Just google circumcision and pain & find out the your reserach!

 3 of the more noted findings were:

1. Research into neonatal pain response of infants during circumcision was stopped once they realised the extent of the pain experienced.
2. Taddio et al found circumcised infants experienced far greater pain response at 6 month immunizations than non-circumcised infants. (Indicating severe pain, and pain memory)
3. Williams & Evans found even with Anasthesia circumcised infants had raised cortisol levels (the stress hormone indicating stress & pain)

WE do not laugh at the pain of FGM or little girls getting circumcised because we would find that totally offensive, but somehow its OK to laugh at the pain of baby boys? Very Strange!!!  Dont joke about infant circumcision it just perpetuates the practice and leads to more male infants experiencing excrutiating pain.

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