Sunday, February 13, 2011

I “Say” to Doctors who perform infant circumcision

I am deeply disturbed that you would dishonour the Hippocratic Oath to perform this  non-therapeutic traumatic surgery on a patient who is unable to consent based on a parental preference for genital appearance or a false medical opinion that infant circumcision is medically necessary for a baby?  Those of you that make the argument circumcision has medical benefits show your total lack of knowledge about normal human male anatomy, your ignorance of the pain trauma and anatomical losses, you demonstrate gender bias,  you show medical illiteracy about epidemiological data which shows the healthiest children come from non-circumcision nations, you show scientific ignorance in your lack of critical analysis of published research, ignorance of health education and healthy human behaviours, a total disregard for individual human autonomy, and a total disrespect for conservative medical practice.  I am ashamed to be a medical colleague because your behaviour demonstrates that medicos are just as biased, self-serving, ignorant and unethical, as any humans at their lowest levels of conduct.

If you are a Doctor who performs infant circumcisions, Ask yourself this question "How have I come to believe that it is medically appropriate for me to circumcise a healthy infant boy when the majority of world medical  opinion sees routine infant circumcision of healthy  babies as medically unnecessary and even unethical?"

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