Friday, July 15, 2011

Why Circumcision doesnt work

Circumcision doesnt work for a number of reasons.

Lets start with Infants & UTI's, firstly UTI's predominatly occur because of kidney disease and abnormality of the urinary tract.  REmoval of the foreskin does not address these issues. UTI's are uncommon in male babies and easily treated by anti-biotics, the harm of circumcision is far greater than an easily treated UTI infection.  Therefore it is medically unethical to use a such an aggressive prophalactic method as a way of treating a rare occurance that is easily treated conservatively.

Lets next look at things like hygeine and STI/HIV infections.

Hygeine is easy just wash, enough said.  Circumcised men still have to practice daily hygeine so makes no difference: you are either a clean/hygeinic man who washes daily or you are a dirty man foreskin or circumcised.  The behaviour of the man is more important than his circumcision status.  You cant force a circumcised man to wash, if he doesnt wash he becomes dirty man!

HIV/STI infections are caused by human behavioural factors. Every research that has done an in-depth analysis of the causes has found the No.1 variable involved in STI infections is having sex with multiple sex partners. The next most important variable was the use or not of condoms. Unless these 2 variables are addressed which are behavioural in nature no progress will ever be made in reducing HIV/STI infections. It is why the USA with highest circumcision rates in the western world has the highest rates of HIV/STI infections in the western world. Advocates for Youth research found Americans had higher number of sex partners and used condoms less than their Non-Circumcised European peers.   The false message that circumcision prevents HIV/STI's can have the negative consequence of encouraging men to continue having unprotected sex with multiple sex partners and lead to a public health disaster.  Which seems to be happening in Africa with reports in press that Men circumcised in Africa are engaging in unprotected sex with multiple sex partner in the false belief that circumcision is like a condom!  Who will take responsibility for this catastrophe?
Human anatomy and human behaviour.  One argument for circumcision is that removing the foreskin reduces entry points for viruses.  Well so would removing the female vulva but we dont advocate that.  2 of the most prominant ways viruses enter the human body is via dermal (skin) absorption/conduction, and via bodily fluids in particular when micro tears occur in the skin allowing blood exposure.  Firstly in relation to skin absorption, well last time I looked a circumcised penis is still made of skin, so it is useless in preventing this method of infection.  Secondly blood exposure, while the foreskin is susceptible to micro-tears, and removing it reduces blood exposure from micro-tears in the foreskin, circumcised men have less sensitive penises, and therefore have to increase friction to reach pleasure thresholds, therefore this increases the risk of micro-tears in remaining skin, and allowing blood exposures to occur.
Over a lifetime circumcision doesnt work and why Intact Europe has healthier men that live longer and have less STI/HIV than their circumcised peers in the USA.  Men change their behaviour, and given behaviour is more important than circumcision status, over a lifetime circumcision is useless!!!

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