Friday, July 8, 2011

What I hate about Pro-Circumcision Propaganda

I hate the lies, that the foreskin is a useless piece of skin when in fact research has found it has 20,000 pleasure nerves, that it is rich in sensory pleasure, it has a gliding mechanism which facilitates intercourse for both males and females and compliments masturbation, that it keeps the glans moist and internal as nature intended it to be!

I hate the lies about the so called health benefits of circumcision, when in fact research has found intact men who have a natural foreskin are the healthiest men in the world, they live the longest, have the lowest infant mortality and lowest HIV/STI rates in the world.  The truth is good health, hygeine, education, conservative medicine, and safe sex practices are the greatest determinants of male sexual/genital health, not the butchering the male sex organ.

I hate the avoidance about ethics.  That no acknowledgement is given to the rights of the child to make a decision about an important part of their bodies, that culture and parental rights are given prominance over the individual human rights of the child.

I hate the way procircs misuse science and statistics to promote their propaganda!

I hate the way mainstream media never questions procirc propaganda and presents their garbage as fact!

I hate the way procirc's minimize and deny the facts that circumcision has many complications and babies die needlessly every year from the procedure.

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