Monday, January 9, 2012

The Defence of Circumcision is not a good look

When you hear people defending circumcision, the look is not good.  When doctors defend circumcision they appear to be unethical, medically and scientifically illiterate, and protecting self-interest.  It brings shame to the medical profession.  When parents defend circumcision, they can appear as if their own interests and preferences for male genitalia are more important than what nature intended and evolved over a million years, and or what their son may want choose for himself.  This is just so shameful, it is primitive and disrespectful to the individual the circumcision impacts. The list goes on and on.............. its not a good look

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  1. There is a deeper historical element to all of this, although my work does not mention circumcision, I believe circumcision has played a part in historical causality.

    Regards Peter