Saturday, January 21, 2012

How women are harmed by male circumcision

Firstly women are harmed as mothers.  The cultural pressures to circumcise their newborn infants mean mothers have to deny or switch off their maternal instinct to protect their baby from any such harm. It interferes with attachment and breastfeeding.  This is a psychological and attachment wounding, and many mothers have deep regret about circumcising their infants!

Secondly, women are harmed sexually, when they have sex with a circumcised man, they are denied the cushioning effect of the foreskin, women report greater levels of inability or difficulty with orgasm with circumcised men, and many complain of harsh, chaffing sex with circumcised men.  There are at least 3 scientific research studies that now support this:

Women are also harmed by increased risk of HIV infection with a circumcsed man .  Circumcised men with HIV infect their female partners at 50%+ higher rates than intact men

I have also been advised by feminists that women feel very disempowered in the whole infant circumcision process.  They are disempowered by medical staff who pressure mothers to circumcise, they are disempowered by the hospital system.  They are also disempowered by the unequal power relations of a mother who is vulnerable after just giving birth, to be influenced by powerful medical staff with personal and commercial agendas over circumcision.

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  1. Fascinating stuff Ian. I am doing a rapid catch up with you guys that have been on the case for years and find that there are not enough hours in the day to study all the material available. Having been around for more than 50 years (most of which spent ignorant of the truth) I was already well aware that the world has a surfeit of people that delight in ruining the lives of others. Now I realise that there are many more to add to the list.


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  3. Women Are Victims Too. A very interesting story: