Sunday, May 3, 2015

My Jewish Wife refused circumcision for her 3 sons

My wife is of Jewish ancestry, she is a descendent of Polish Jews of whom most were murdered by the Nazi's in the World War 2 Holocaust.  It is a very sad and painful fact about her family history & Jewish origins. 

Her Mother a jew of 2 jewish parents told her that when she was expecting her first child that circumcision was not required and that it was too painful for the baby.  Her Aunty tried to persuade her to continue the jewish tradition of circumcision.

My wife, did not like the idea of someone taking a knife to her new baby, and the 1970's in Australia was a time the whole nation was turning against circumcision.  She decided that she would not circumcise any of her babies.

My wife now has 3 sons none of whom were circumcised.  All are now men, and grateful for their foreskins, and glad they weren't circumcised.  None have had their own son;s circumcised.

My Jewish wife has 3 intact sons, and 6 intact grandsons.

It is an injurious insult to claim my wife is anti-Semitic

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  1. Here are contact details for more than 200 celebrants of the non-surgical naming ceremony, Brit Shalom, including more than 100 rabbis, 10 of them in Israel: