Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Giving up psychological defenses for circumcision

In order for future generations of males to be free of circumcision and its losses, harms and deprivations, currently circumcised men, as those in the intactivist movement have already done, have to give up their psychological defences of justifying circumcision in order to mitigate against the harms done.  It hurts less to be in denial about circumcision's losses and deprivations, it feels better to tell yourself that having a circumcised penis is fantastic, that its better! Psychological defenses work But........' The cost of mainataining this psychological defence is that circumcision's harms, losses and deprivations will continue forever generationally.   Therefore the psychological pain about the truth of circumcision's harms losses and deprivations, has to be endured by this current generation of men in order to end it for future generations of men. 

Bravery and courage awards to the men who break thru their own psychological defences, & feel the pain of what was done to them and what was taken from them, and who fight for furure generations of men to be free of circumcision, and fight for future men to have the freedom to make the choice for themselves.  These men have to fight the dominant ideology of their culture, they face ridicule, but they do not flinch, truly BRAVE!!!

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