Wednesday, August 24, 2011

What to say to dr's & nurses about foreskin retraction

It can be difficult to communicate with those in positions of power or authority so here is just one suggestions on how to make this easier.  Many other sources have other suggestions.

In our decision to keep our son intact and refuse circumcision we have adopted the medical/health models from non-circumcision cultures which understand and  value the foreskin.  In those cultures the foreskin is seen as normal and healthy, and the foreskin is not retracted until the boy retracts it himself.  Anatomically the foreskin is fused to the glans and separates naturally, and this is seen as a normal developmental process.  Forceably retracting the foreskin is seen as harmful, and can cause health problems including infections.   We would appreciate that you respect our position and or refer us on if you cannot.  (You can type/copy this and hand to doctors)

If the doctor or nurse responds to you with health reasons to retract.  You can respond by saying, that In cultures that value the foreskin like the Europeans, Men are healthier, live longer, and have less STI/HIV and penile cancer than circumcised American men, and therefore you want to follow the genito/urinary practices of the European health authorities which say no to premature retraction.

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